Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Dorset Weave visits Wimborne Market

A report from Angie Corbet on the latest outing of the Dorset Weave
"Jo & I picked up the loom from the fantastic Town Farm Workshop up at Sixpenny Handley. It had been their Open Day & it was awe-inspiring to see what they get up to there - so much colour & texture, so many different forms of weaving, so much talent! The Big Weave stayed safely wrapped up in our car overnight then set off early in the morning to Wimborne Market, where we set up the loom in Hall 2 amongst the stalls, at 8 am. We didn't have many "customers" for the first hour or so but a few stallholders came over & "had a go". Gradually the market filled up & people started to stop, ask us questions & join in. Several members of the Dorset & New Forest WSD Guilds & also the Countryside Spinners, who meet at The Courtyard Centre in Lytchett Minster on a Tuesday lunchtime, came along & helped. It never got really crowded but we didn't have time to draw breath until about 12.30, when it was nearly time to throw the blanket over the loom & leave it for the night. The market buildings are locked once the day's trading is done, so we knew it would be safe in there. Sunday morning was a relaxed 8.30 am start, as we didn't have to set the loom up. Again, it was a reasonably steady-paced morning, never too crowded but lots of people admiring the Weave & stopping to talk, and a fair few joinging in. Carol Lewis from the Dorset WSD Guild came along & helped, and several members of Wimborne's Happy Patchers took part too. The weave is progressing well; we "finished" the sea and have moved up onto the coastline now. We didn't have any especially young or old weavers, just a pleasant mixture of the public at large, and not everyone could be persuaded to sign the book, but I think everyone who joined in enjoyed themselves"

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