Sunday, 20 March 2011

The loom returns to Westfield Arts College giving pupils a chance to weave in their thread.

Westfield Arts College were excited to have The Big Weave back in school for 3 days, with everyone keen to see how the tapestry had grown. Everyone in school had the opportunity to weave a thread with our site manager being the first to weave. Some pupils had to wait patiently and enjoyed just watching others at work. When the loom left there seemed to be a void in the corridor with pupils asking when it was coming back and what would we be weaving next!

The loom left us and went off to Sixpenny Handley for 2 days. We all look forward to seeing the progress over the next week and will be a little disappointed when it's all finished! Thanks to all who joined in and to the volunteers who managed the weave for the three days.

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