Monday, 7 March 2011

The Dorset Weave Goes Public

After just two days of training in community weaving the Quangle Wangle Choir set off with some trepidation to share their new found skills with others in their community. The loom went up smoothly and the choir was delighted to discover that people love to weave. A great time was had at Dorset Women's Day on Saturday and in Goulds garden centre on Sunday. A great range of people joined in from toddlers to grandparents. There was lots of chat, with people meeting old friends and making new ones and terrific enthusiasm for the project as a whole and the wonderful colours. Monday saw the choir at Acorns, a day centre for both elderly and disabled people. Another really good day was had, hard work but very rewarding. The youngest person to get involved over the weekend was 20 months old, today the oldest was 87!
Below are photos of the local community taking their turn to weave into the Dorset Tapestry.

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