Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Dorset Weave is Finished!

Monday this week saw The Big Weave artists return to Westfield Arts College in Weymouth to see what progress had been made on The Dorset Weave over the last 4 weeks. The tapestry was ready and waiting when we arrived and we were astonished to see the work that had been done. The project has been a great success, Westfield has created a potential local heirloom in The Dorset Weave and the stories that have been woven around the loom have been a source of inspiration and delight for those involved. Local schools involved in the project have embraced weaving wholeheartedly and some participants who were touched by the weaving process have become dedicated to the craft. New friendships and partnerships have been established. With the success of The Dorset Weave a seed has been sown for similar projects to take root in Dorset.

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